Rab Ferguson is a UK based writer of fiction and poetry. His debut novel, THE LANDFILL MOUNTAINS is coming out on 12th October 2021. His short fiction can be found in Storgy, Litro, Voice-In Journal, Beyond the Walls, Guts Publishing and Unsung Stories. His poetry has featured in Indigo Rising UK, Ink Sweat & Tears, Say Owt Anthology, Gingerbread House Magazine, Pastiche, The Cadaverine, Streetcake Magazine, and The City Fox. 

When not writing, Rab works in the charity sector, supporting young people's mental heath and delivering reading groups in probation hostels. When not working, he can sometimes be found storytelling in a woollen cape. When not writing, storytelling or working, he's likely reading. When not writing, storytelling, writing, or reading, he might be thinking about what to put into a third-person website bio.


Rab lives in a quiet place (not like the movie) with his partner Ashton. He loves her very much, and loves their cat Hugo too, even if he is ridiculous.